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DecaTradefx company is a member of FinaCom


Since 2016 DecaTradefx has been a member of the Financial Commission (FinaCom) – international mediator serving the online foreign exchange industry.

This membership guarantees that clients of DecaTradefx are under protection of an international organization and the services provided to them are of high quality and comply with the standards of the Commission.

Starting from 2018, DecaTradefx is assigned Category A: the highest level of broker's reliability.
All clients of a company that is a member of the Financial Commission are protected by the Compensation Fund which acts as an insurance policy. Any client of such company can be eligible for the compensation of up to $20,000. The fund is held on a segregated account.

Financial Commission is an industry-specific dispute resolution service which is supported by Dispute Resolution Committee comprised of recognized industry professionals. It is an independent international service that guarantees honest and timely resolution of any disputes regarding Forex trading. Any trader can submit a claim – the website is translated to various languages.

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